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With a focus on visual arts Drew creates compelling narratives that speak to a wide variety of audiences. From producing his own projects with talented teams of professionals and working with the latest high tech equipment such as The Arri Alexa in order to create the cleanest look for such stories on camera, online training videos for World Champion Motocross Rider Ryan Hughes at The Ryno Institute, to capturing video for the World Renowned Humanitarian & Peacemaker Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at The Art Of Living Retreat Center. Drew feels that the art of storytelling is highly valuable and not only wishes to create his own stories but also help others tell theirs. The latest project Drew is working on is titled Wolfman In The City which he created from the ground up writing the story, hiring a team of 80, raising nearly $40K in funds, & execution of filming it over 7 nights in multiple locations. If you're looking for someone to ignite a spark and create something magical you've found the right page.